When Aamir annoyed Kiran

As we all know whenever Aamir Khan takes up any project, he does with full perfection. He gives his time, energy, money, dedication and everything to it. After conquering the film industry, he has ventured into television. Aamir is giving all his time and idea to his debut television show, ‘Satyamev Jayate'. To make project real and make the show original, Aamir shoot the promo of the show inside his Bandra house thereby intervene his privacy. His idea of shooting the show inside his house has irked Kiran unlimited.

Kiran is a very private person and she guards her privacy very violently.  Explaining further, a source says, "Since the time, Azad has been born, Aamir has usually been conducting all his meetings at his residence. All pre-production work, research meetings have been happening at his Bandra residence. So when the team decided to make promos of the making of (behind -the-scenes) footage, it became integral for the team that they showcase the house too. But when Kiran learned about it, she got very annoyed with her house being showcased on national television."

A production member too confirmed that Kiran was upset with Aamir and his entire team of the show 'Satyamev Jayate'. "It became a Catch-22 situation for us. The team had wanted to showcase promos that were candid and part of many discussions and the meetings that the team's had. Aamir has been doing nothing else since last two years and since the show is really close to his heart they wanted same to reflect in the promos," revealed the insider.

Apparently, Aamir too is a very private person and when he allowed the production team to go ahead with their work annoyed Kiran the most. "Yes, she was very upset initially, and it was only after much coaxing by Aamir that she relented. It was only after he intervened and explained how important it was to him and how passionately the team felt about this, did she finally agree, though reluctantly," adds the insider.

Another source however reveals that she agreed but on one condition, that certain portions of the house not be featured at all, including Azad's nursery. "It's a big step for both Aamir and Kiran to let the cameras enter the domain of their home, but considering how passionately everyone in the team felt about it, Kiran finally got manaoed, and she supposedly said it's only because she herself believes strongly in the message that the show will get across!" the source added.