What went wrong between Farhan and Saif ?

Good bonding of Farhan Akhtar and Saif Ali khan was well known. In fact, Saif got a big break in his film career with Dil Chahta Hai directed by Farhan. However, the news is spreading like wildfire that they are friends no longer.  

It is said that differences cropped up after Saif started charging huge fees. Farhan approached him to act in his film Voice from the Sky but he was replaced by Akshaye Khanna after he demanded nominal fee. “It’s true that Saif won’t compromise on his market price, not even for Farhan! The two aren’t on talking terms... In fact, he wasn’t even a part of Luck By Chance. All of Farhan’s close friends made a special appearance for him, but Saif wasn’t there,” sources claimed.   

"I have worked with a lot of focussed actors, but I have never seen such an obsession to prove a point. Katrina has been working on her lines like crazy. I thought that she had already got it,” sources added.