Here's what makes ‘Lingaa’ a must watch

The greatest Tamil film of the year, ‘Lingaa’ is all set to be released on 12th December which is also the birthday of the mega star Rajinikanth. A lot of buzz has been created around this film. It is possibly set in British India around the construction of a dam in Kerala. There are several reasons why you cannot afford to miss ‘Lingaa’. The most important reason is of course Rajinikanth himself. The star always entertains his audience and his trademark sequence of action, comedy and dance has not been compromised in this movie. Technology makes him look young and he brings enormous energy to the screen. He appears as a vigilante who leads the villagers to a revolt. He is shown to play dual role.

Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha is another reason for watching the movie. It is a rare occurrence that a Bollywood superstar is appearing in a Tamil film at the height of her career. The luscious Sonakshi sports a unique look and her chemistry with Rajinikanth as well as beautiful dance moves should not be missed.

Oscar winning composer AR Rahman has done some of his best work in ‘Lingaa’. The scope and beauty of his compositions are breathtaking, ranging from the perky melody sung by Rajinikanth with Anushka Shetty to the lyrical composition which the superstar sings with Sonakshi Sinha.

The beautiful visuals of the film are another attraction. A large part of the film has been shot in the Ramoji Film City. But in addition, the film has also been shot in several beautiful places in Karnataka. The scenes featuring the breathtaking Jog falls are truly amazing. The state truly has never looked so beautiful.

The unbelievable stunts in the film add spice to it. Hollywood stunt director Lee Whittaker has directed some of the most mind blowing and visually exciting stunts for this movie.

The thoughtful and sensitive storyline is another reason why you must watch ‘Lingaa’. Dam construction and the issues related to it are all quite touchy subjects. They have been handled with care and tact, in the film.

The comic sequences in the film have been performed by Rajinikanth with celebrated comedian Santhanam. Both actors have impeccable timing and the effect would be hilarious. This is another reason to watch ‘Lingaa’.

Finally, the technical aide also demands your attention. In addition to breathtaking fight sequences, Amaran has created a beautiful artwork with the backdrop of the majestic Jog Falls.