What do SRK's co-stars think of him?

Shahrukh KhanKAJOL ~ Actress/Friend ~ Costar in Baazigar, DDLJ, K3G, KKHH etc

What does she say?
For me Shah Rukh Khan is like a God. He is kind and will always take care about the problems of his friends. He is a person who is very easy to discuss and talk with. He likes to help people. For me he is a very special human being.

PREITY~ Costar in Kal Ho Naa Ho, DilSe

What does she say?...
SRK is a one-take artiste. He's brilliant and he's really quick. Shah Rukh is a powerhouse. Even though he has hurt his back, his energy level never dips on the sets, he's constantly hyper, and he wants you to do the shot fast. He's excellent with improvisation, a very fine actor to work with. He is not selfish. He will never try to take your line or your place, sure, he keeps you on your toes. His timing is really good and if you are not alert you drop the scene from your side. He's all there. And his energy spreads to the whole crew.

KAREENA ~ Costar in K3G & Asoka.
What does she say?

He's the most amazing actor we have. He looks like the boy next door and yet he's so attractive. I just love him. If only he wasn't married. Shah Rukh is the only man on earth who makes me go weak in the knees. I have done two of my major films with him - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Asoka. We share a wonderful working relationship. For me, he really is a living legend. There is no one better or bigger than Shah Rukh. I have really been a crazy fan of his and often during Asoka he had to tell me, "Concentrate on the shot and not on me." For me, working with him was a dream come true. I hope to do more work with him. This is an association that I want to continue.

Actress, Costar in PBDHH, Yes Boss, Darr etc & Partner, Dreamz

What does she say?
I think I am really lucky to be a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan. In my opinion he is not only handsome but also very smart. And he has a sharp mind. He likes to read and this habit makes him a clever and respected person.He has nothing conventional about himself. In fact, I feel he has the most unconventional face. But there is something really vulnerable about him when he is on screen. His dimpled smile is very endearing.He is sharp and intelligent. He is full of beans, he has an unfair amount of energy. He packs it in a day what I would do in a week! And whatever he does, Shah Rukh gives his best fullest attention. He will not put off till tomorrow what he can do today. He is fond of playing more games and sports, but he doesn't know how to play a friendly game. He will always play to win, even it's a haramless game of Pictionary --- Shahrukh has to win it, everytime his energy sets him apart from the rest.

PRYANKA Miss World/Actress
What's sexy about SRK?

Such a great note to start on! What is sex about Shah Rukh?
Everything! He's my favouritest! In the song `Suraj hua maddham…' dressed in those loose kurtas, mmm… he looks sexy absolutely sexy. His eyes are the sexiest… they can look through you. I have always had a huge crush on Shah Rukh. It's not the-I-love-you-want-to-marry-you sort of crush. It's more like idolisation. I just love everything about the man. He can't go wrong anywhere!

Actress, Costar in Chalte Chalte, K3G

What does she say?
I have always been thankful that I got to work with Shah Rukh in the early days of my career, because I have learnt a lot from him. Till today, I treat him as a senior and look to him for guidance and he in turn treats me like a bachcha. He scolds me on the sets, he tells me how to do and what to do and basically when I am around him. I become a child who follows him. With others, I may play up. But with him, I always follow his lead. He is a wonderful co-star, very positive and keeps everyone in good spirits. I hope to do more work with him. I wish him a very happy birthday and good health.Raj, the character Shahrukh plays in 'Chalte Chalte', has every quality a woman desires in her life partner. He is an uncomplicated man, a true lover who will take care of you through thick and thin. I wish he exists in real life too! Who knows if Shah Rukh were unmarried I might even have proposed to him.

Actor, co-star Main Hoon Naa

What does he say?
Shah Rukh is fantastic! The experience and broad framework of acting that he brings to the sets is unbelievable. On the sets, I had a few ideas about acting, but was sceptical about doing them. I thought people would not take to it kindly, since I was new. But Shah Rukh agreed with my views and put my fears to rest.

You can learn volumes about acting by just observing him. Shah Rukh brings the scene to life. He taught me not to be mechanical, to look at things straight and do it differently, to add a new perspective. He's a Pandora's box, full of innovation.

Actor: Costar in Saathiya

What does he say?
I am fascinated by Shah Rukh Khan. He is brilliant. Every time I meet him, I tease him, 'Hello God, how are you?' Gauri (Shah Rukh's wife) keeps saying 'Stop calling him that. He is just Shah Rukh.' Here's a guy who comes from nowhere, has no connections to cinema and has no way to make it in. On his beliefs and convictions, he enters films, marries his childhood sweetheart, rules tinsel town and walks into offices and tells filmmakers to either sign him now or regret later. I do not idolize Shah Rukh. I am fascinated because he is an interesting story. He has an interesting career graph. He won the award for the best actor and best villain in the same year. He is arrogant, yet he is also the humblest person around. He is so complex and interesting. I have immense respect for him. I am in awe of Shah Rukh.

Actress/Friend: Costar in film Baadshah

What does she say?
Shah Rukh Khan? Ah... he is always number one. He is kind, intelligent, clever and people can melt if they see his face. When I was working with him in Baadshah, he helped me a lot. He is a great actor and a very good dancer. I really like him but what can I do he is married.

KARAN JOHAR ~ Director/Best Friend, Director of K3G & KKHH.

What does he say?
To me, Shah Rukh is a very spiritual person. If he honed that part of his personality he'd really be something. He is really God's good son. He knows the right things to say. He is very spiritual in a lot of ways. He has the right kind of spiritual path that he tells you about if he feels close enough to you.

I give him the respect I give my father. I can never have a casual conversation with him. He is more like a spiritual influence. He is like a senior in my life, but if I need a friend then he makes a brilliant friend.

In many ways, he is like therapy to me. He senses when I am down and out. He tells me this is bothering you even if I may appear completely normal. It makes you wonder how he sensed that. He has that kind of intuition. He is a wonderful human being.

Miss Universe/Actress

What's sexy about SRK?
Yes. Shah Rukh is the most perfect performer we have today. He has a distinct style of his own. I give him total credit for coming from a non-film background and becoming the superstar he is today. He's perhaps the only star who can sell a movie just by his name. His sex appeal lies in his sense of humour and his confidence. He's not the sort who gives politically correct answers. He's witty, humorous… he's on the ball and quick on the uptake… boy, is he a smart man and that intelligence is very sexy!