What Celebrities Said On ‘AIB Knockout’ Roast

Numerous  B-town celebrities expressed their views on the most recent hot topic, the ‘AIB’ roast:

1.Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant’s mouth is something that is difficult to keep shut. How could the drama queen remain silent when there is so much controversy going on? Rakhi commented on the matter, “I want to go and abuse everyone myself. It is fun; people want to hear such stuff. If you go and check on Google you will see that it has the highest TRP on YouTube. It’s good. I think people should speak their heart out. If they think they should abuse, then they should.”

2.Shah Rukh Khan: Hearing what King Khan said, it is clear that he wants to keep away from controversies, “When you are a popular actor like I am, people listen to you... So, you need to re-look at it and I am only speaking about myself here. There will always be issues and questions. I can’t take any sides.”

3.Vidya Balan: The ‘Dirty Picture’ actress was seen supporting the dirty humor, “I think everyone has the freedom to do what they want to. I think as citizens of a free country we must respect everyone's right to do what they choose.”

4.Aamir Khan: He has clearly criticized ‘AIB’ and has even received criticism in return. After Aamir spoke against the obscenity shown on the show, several personalities reminded him of ‘Delhi Belly’. Here is what Aamir had to say on ‘AIB’, “I scolded both Karan and Arjun and told them that I didn't find it funny at all.You can’t give 25 gaalis and think that people will like it. I am not a 14-year-old that I will be impressed by gaalis.”

5.Mallika Sherawat: She is one of the few, or perhaps the only one, who supported Aamir’s views, “I haven’t seen the roast, but I agree with what Aamir Khan has said — there shouldn’t be any emotional violence. He used a very ­correct term. I feel that we shouldn’t genuinely hurt anyone’s feelings and ­sensibilities.”

6.Varun Dhawan: The actor talked to the media on this matter while he was promoting ‘Badlapur’. “My request to the media is let’s not discuss it anymore because there are so many more important things happening and let’s not give those people more importance. It is a very small subject. There are so many important things in the country. Discuss the rapes, discuss the corruption, discuss the other things that are happening,” is what Varun said, taking a neutral stand.