Wet Mink Brar spotted kissing a woman

Model and actress Mink Brar is a lesbian and she admits it sportingly. Her recent video kissing a South African woman has hit the net.

She said, "Yes there is a clip of me kissing a girl in a swimming pool, so what? I guess it is something personal and I would not like to talk about my personal life."

Mink adds about the girl, "I know that girl. She is from South Africa and we met through a common person. I enjoyed being with her. She has gone back we are no more in touch. The girl is a random friend. I had met her some time back and we went abroad. She is actually someone whom I don't know that well, but yes, she is a good friend."

“I'm a lesbian. But that doesn't mean that I shall be a lesbian forever. I can turn straight and plan to settle and marry and have kids in future," Mink told a daily.

Speaking about the reaction of her family, she said, "My mother doesn't know that I drink alcohol. She is very upset about this episode," she added.