We’ll make you dance: Shahrukh Khan to Brad Pitt

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt bonds at the press conference of Pitt’s latest film ‘War Machine’ to be released on Netflix on Friday. They had a great time together talking about Hollywood and Bollywood movies, personal interests and many more things. SRK and Brad Pitt’s bromance was to be watched.

“This is not my first time in India. We shot A Mighty Heart here. I got to put a helmet on and roam around on an Enfield. I try to reinvent constantly. And fortunately we were about to survive our mistakes,” said Brad Pitt.

David Michod’s directed war satire ‘War Machine’ will be released on Netflix on Friday. “The only thing that keeps us going is the will to survive,” said Shah Rukh Khan,

When asked how he protects his films and storytelling, he added, “There are so many people in commercial cinema trying to protect what they feel is the right thing, but it is not always the thing to protect.”

Pitt also opined, “Often a gamble is where it pays off. We’ve been able to do that with out production company. We have to make time for ourselves, time for family. I’ve been able to compartmentalise my life.”

To which, SRK replied, “My kids, more often than not don’t like my films. It is not a special thing in the house for papas film to do well. At home you’re a nobody.”

Pitt says how he select a good script? “Good script, a filmmaker who excites me. Putting myself in a good directors hands.  I don’t know about shah Rukh, but I want to surround myself with friends,” said Pitt.

Shahrukh agreed, “Sometimes I don’t even want to know the story. I just want to know who’s telling it.”

Brad Pitt says he can’t consider doing a Bollywood film because he can’t dance? “Ours are about the same, and we don’t even dance. I can never do a Bollywood film because I can’t dance.”

As we all know SRK never lets anyone go so easily, he said, “Oh, we’ll make you dance.”

King Khan showed esteem for Brad Pitt’s work, “I found you amazing in 12 monkeys. You were mind blowing in that film. That’s when I became a fan of Brad Pitt.”

To which Pitt said, “I locked myself in a room for a couple of weeks for 12 monkeys. And just saw where that’ll take us. You can’t get into a character if you have to sing and dance every 20 minutes. I’m sorry to say I don’t know how to do it.”

Brad Pitt further said, “As I get older, it’s a big commitment. There are long days. It’s a big time a way from family. More and more I find myself concentrating more on the production side. And I find it really rewarding to open doors for filmmakers.”

King Khan feels technology takes cinema to million steps ahead. “Technology is a big game changer. Look at Baahubali. We are going to see a lot of such cinema, which has its own hero. Regional cinema and how kids watch movies will have a sure shot impact on cinema,” he added.

“With Netflix, we had a lot of freedom,” said Pitt.