Welcome 2 Karachi: Pakistani actor Ayub Khosa furious over fart request

Vasu Bhagnani’s production ‘Welcome 2 Karachi’ promises to be a laugh riot. Not just the film, it seems there were some hilarious incidents during the shooting of the film in the UK where a set resembling a Taliban camp was recreated.

The film which hit screens on May 28, stars Arshad Warsi, Jackky Bhagnani and Pakistani actor Ayub Khosa in the lead roles and is directed by Ashish R Mohan. American dancer who was a part of ABCD and its sequel, is also cast in the film.

Recounting a funny incident, a unit member, said there was a scene in the movie where the Pakistani actor, who plays the Taliban chief, farts loudly in his sleep when Jackky and Arshad enter his tent in an attempt to escape the camp.

It was decided earlier that the sound would be added later in the post-production stage. But Arshad insisted to hear the sound during the shoot of the sequence so that he and Jackky could get their timing right. After getting to know about it, a furious Ayub gravely said, “Pathans don't fart in public. They walk away and do it in private.” The entire unit was taken aback by this explanation, but no one dared to laugh seeing the actor's stern face. Arshad and Jackky hid behind the director Mohan as they tried controlling their laughter.

However, the Pathan reluctantly agreed to shoot the scene accordingly after the director reasoned that since his character was asleep and unaware of the two men in his room, it was still a private fart.

In another incident, the lead actors who were in the get-up of terrorists were mistaken for real Taliban militants by the state police. Once the airport set of the film was also stolen which caused a loss to the producer.