Wedding bells for Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee!

Well, it seems reel love of Bigg Boss 7 will soon culminate into real wedding. Off late Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli is heard discussing marriage on the reality show, Bigg Boss 7. Tanisha is overheard saying Armaan that his family are expecting something special from them because of their behavior for the past couple of months.

Tanisha sounds pretty serious about getting married to her new found love Armaan and said that if they are not serious about one another then their feelings would not have been so strong.  Armaan said during the conversation that audience are thinking they are together for the sake of TRPs and winning the show.

Armaan and Tanisha are spicing up the show with their lovey-dovey romance. The duo never missed any occasion to come closer to one another. They got too close to one another in various occasions and for that very reason, they also got warnings from host and superstar Salman Khan.

Armaan and Tanisha caught kissing, hugging, romancing in smoking zone, discussing desire for sex and getting intimate under the same blanket and lots more.

Salman Khan warned both Tanisha and Armaan to behave properly as cameras are installed in various positions of the house and asked them not be too open in the public as it is viewed by audience all over. They look like a couple very much in love and least bothered about what others are saying or discussing about them. They are totally involved in their own world.

When Armaan was taken by police following a complaint lodged by ex-contestant of Bigg Boss house Sofia Hayat, Tanisha seemed to be missing him immensely. When Armaan came back, he hold her in his arms, hugged, kissed her and said ‘I Love You’. Tanisha could not hold her emotions on seeing Armaan back home and hugged him tightly.

Armaan’s family is awe of Tanisha and on returning he told Tanisha that he was warned by his family not to fight with her and they told him that he should not fight with Tanisha as long as he is there in the house and if he upset her then he would be slapped on returning home.

He kissed Tanisha on her forehead and said “I love you” to her. He also informed her that his father wanted him to do so. 

Armaan’s mother likes Tanisha a lot. Once she sent love and kisses to her via her son. But the scenarios is completely different in Mukherjee family. Tanisha's close association with Armaan did not go well with the Mukherjee and Devgn’s family and they have almost cut ties from Tanisha.