'We have always tried to spread the message of peace' - Shahrukh Khan

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/shahrukh-khan/' title='Shahrukh Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='shahrukh-khan' id='article_tag_data_shahrukh-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Shahrukh Khan</strong></a>What role are you portraying in the film? How important is this film for you?
The character's name is Ram. He is young and a little old fashioned unlike what the present generation is like. It's a clash between...
...two generations. The film is about how the youth are being misled. They may have complaints with elder generation. How to make friendship with them, how to work with them, is what Ram focuses everywhere. That's why it is titled “Main Hoon Na”.

How was it working with Farah Khan, as it was her directorial début?
I have known Farah for a long time. I have been working with her since 7-8 years. She is very very hard working. Has complete knowledge about Hindi Cinema. She is very talented. A combination like this is very difficult to find. I wish her all the best. I think she already has a large hand in my success. And I hope I can be a part of her success too.

Is Indo-Pak issue the base of this film?
There is no exploitation in the movie. It's a 70's drama wherein you have everything. Mother, father, villain, India-Pakistan, hero and a sexy heroine too! As in the 70's movies - dance, drama, song etc, it has it all. It's not any specific film. Farah has herself written the script with the writers. The basic thought for a producer is that the film should be entertaining. As far as our production house is concerned, we have always tried to spread the message of peace, whether it was “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani” or “Chalte Chalte”.

Which is your favorite song in the movie?
The sad version of Main Hoon Na is my favorite.

Which was the most challenging scene in the movie for you?
It's a newcomer kind of question. I loved the whole process of making this film. I love the whole film. It was great working with new comers like Zayed & Amrita and Binduji, Boman & Satish Shah. Of course, Sushmita was outstanding. It was such a good experience working with Suniel Shetty.

Why is the title Main Hoon Na?
Actually, it was the first song composed by Javed saab and Anu malik. And it's in the base of the movie as whenever there is any issue, any problem, any trouble, there is one man coming into the life and we normally speak and say Main Hoon Na.

How was the shooting experience in Darjeeling?
Around 12 -13 years ago, I did a movie Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman over there. And in between, no Hindi films were made over there. I felt very strange going over there after all these years. The people out there are beautiful and so are the locations. The Saint Paul School is very beautiful. Raj Kapoorji shot his film Mera Naam Joker over there and after that one more film was shot. Till now only two films have been shot in the school. It's a lovely town and hill station. It was very difficult to go there and shoot because of communication and transportation.