We are trying to adopt a girl for past 2 years, Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi and Rraj Kaushal wished to adopt a girl child and they have been trying to do so for the past two years. The couple has a eight-year-old son, Vir and they wanted a sister for their son.

“Rraj (Kaushal, her husband) and wanted a sister for Vir. My son is eight and we are looking at adopting a girl who could be between two-and-a-half to four-years-old. We have already thought of a name for her. We are going to call her Tara,” Mandira quips.

The couple had applied at the CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) which is the central adoption agency under which all adoptions across the country take place two years ago but till date there has been no response. She said, “Unfortunately, the procedure hasn’t moved forward since then. I’m eagerly waiting to get approval from them so that we can bring a new addition to our family.”

Mandira Bedi claimed that motherhood made her a better person. “Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. There is so much that I learn from my son. He speaks like a wise old man at times and tells me ‘Mumma… I just love the feeling of love, Mandira says.

The 47-year-old actor also shares that motherhood has made her feel grateful towards her parents more than ever. “When you experience parenthood, it makes you look at the other side as well. The unconditional love I feel for my son, I can only imagine what my parents feel for me. And it has made me love and respect my parents more,” Mandira says.

Mandira, who was last seen in ‘Saaho’ talks about balancing career and family.“People often ask you how I multi-task with so many things?,” Mandira continues, “When I’m in Mumbai, I make sure I drop Vir to school and pick up as well. And I fit all my work within that time duration so that I can be as present a parent I can be. Works make me travel twice a week and when I’m not in town, then Rraj steps in. We have decided that we will never leave him alone and that is non-negotiable. That’s how we balance everything.”