We are still together, Karan Kundra dismisses split with Anusha

Amid lockdown, gossip mills churned that all is not well  in Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar’s paradise. However, Karan took to his social media handle to clarify that the floating rumour is totally untrue and they are very much together and living separately at their respective houses.

“First of all, Anusha and I don’t live together. We have our own pads and we stay together for a few days, whenever our schedules permit. I was shooting in Haryana and returned to Mumbai just before the lockdown was announced. I didn’t want to risk anyone else’s health and hence, chose to stay at my home," Karan told Times of India.

"Just because we are living separately, people have assumed that we have parted ways. Let me tell you, we are still together. The rumour could also have been fuelled by the fact that I haven’t posted much on my social media handles. Well, that’s because I am on a digital detox now," he added.

When asked as why the couple chose to remain silent earlier, Karan replied, “I don’t get affected by these rumours, but Anusha does. She is more emotional and it was she who brought the break-up rumour to my notice."

Before Karan, Anushka also reacted strongly to the rumour. Without naming the person who must have spread the news, she wrote, “And just one more thing before I go to sleep... I know l am being way more vocal than usual but l am tired of people thinking my silence and kindness is weakness... l know who has gone to the press with this so called information... it’s sad that even In this devastating world crisis you wanted to make a spectacle of someone’s life...I hope you realise how you are choosing to live your life... You are not my friend but the question is, are you a friend of anyone’s... or just forever self serving... Hope you find your peace.”

Anusha lashed out against an unknown person who asked for information without revealing his or her name. She even shared the screenshot of the message received from the unknown number and wrote, “We are in the middle of a pandemic and I would never even bother to react to this, I would normally ignore this but this is just insanely not ok! #blocked.”

A source close to them revealed to SpotboyE, "Karan and Anusha are facing problems in their relationship and have decided to part ways. The two are not living with each other of late."

Report floated that Karan and Anusha, who featured in the reality show ‘MTV Love School’ are no more together.

Karan and Anusha were in a living relationship since the past few years. Initially, the duo was sharing an apartment in Bandra and recently shifted to Andheri. During Instagram live chat, when Anusha was quizzed by fans about her wedding plans with Karan, she had said, "And for the question that flooded my Insta line...you all are so cute and asked in so many different ways! And the answer to the question is...When the next chapter is written, I'll ask you to turn the page, just like in any fairy tale. Love youuuuu."