Watch: Y-Films’ first transgender band video ‘6 Pack Band'

Noted singer Sonu Nigam launched Y-Films’ transgender music group 6-Pack Band, India’s first transgender band ‘6 Pack Band’. Sonu says joining hands with the community is not a "social service" but a "game-changer" in the entertainment industry. The versatile singer has lend his voice to one of the six songs of the album.

About the band, Sonu said, "It is an outstanding initiative. I'm just honoured to be a part of it. This is not a 'samaj seva' that we are doing and this is going to be a game-changer in the entertainment industry whether it is in music-making or events."

Sonu said he had a great experience singing with the band, something he wanted to do from a long time.

“We are taking one step at a time. There are total six songs. I felt very happy singing with them. They were singing my songs all the time, they have a very good vibe. I really enjoyed their innocence and child-like energy,” the singer told reporters here.

The video was released in Mumbai. 6-Pack Band comprises six transgenders singing original songs, including a cover version of Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy”.

Sonu added he felt pained to see transgenders being neglected in our society.

“When I was a child, I used to think what if I was born in a planet where people like me were in minority and others were majority... What would happen to me, my family because of that.

“It used to sadden me very much, that is there no way we can’t give them (Transgenders) a respectable job, proper business... Why can’t it happen that we see them at normal places. Why do we see them on the streets, at marriage. Till when this will go on. It used to pain me a lot,” he told reporters,” Sonu told reporters here.

The band has been composed by music-director Shamir Tandon.  “The idea was to transcend boundaries, so we thought instead of doing a Hindi song lets do an English one. They are always happy despite the fact that people abhor them, disrespect them. ‘Happy’, we hope, will be heard by everybody in the world.”

The voice over was given by actress Anushka Sharma.

Ashish Patil, who heads Y-Films, added: “We truly believe that in spite of all our differences, we all dance to the same beat. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economic status and gender. And it is music that brings us all together.”

Speaking about the association with the The 6 Pack Band, Brooke Bond Red Label spokesperson Shiva Krishnamurthy said: “Brooke Bond Red Label believes in making the world a more welcoming place by diffusing socially awkward situations. We encourage people to live those little moments that bring us all closer by breaking barriers over a cup of tea.”