Watch Video: Sofia Hayat gets intimate with husband Vlad on bed

Sofia Hayat, who grabbed the headlines last year for becoming nun got married to her Romanian beau Vlad Stanescu , who is an interior decorator in April. Now she has released a new music video featuring herself and her husband Vlad. The video, titled, ‘Om Shanti Om’ and it showed Sofia getting intimate with her husband on bed. The two were seen making love.

Produced, penned and sung all by Sofia showed the former 'Bigg Boss' contestant getting intimate with her husband.

Sharing the video, she wrote#My new music video and song is out now! Om Shanti Om. Watch the full video on my You Tube channel exclusively! Please see the whole video on my You Tube so you can see the whole story of Om Ashanti Om I AM SOFIA MARIA HAYAT. I AM THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. I AM HERE NOW. WE ARE ENTERING A NEW ERA ON EARTH. UNITY ONENESS 666 333 999 1 0 10 UNITY 1 ZERO. LOVE . WAKEUP CHILDREN YOU ARE IN HEAVEN True love and intimacy is what all people should know. Intimacy like this is sacred. It is not dirty or rude but incredibly beautiful. Those who think this is wrong..have not been taught about love and intimacy and therefore only recognise sex. If intimacy and connection and deep respect were taught as a pre requisite to love making..then we would not have rape or sexual violence. All things come from creation and creation is love. Pornography has also de-sensitized men, and turned women into objects. It shows sex without feeling and love..which is a dishonour to divine creation..showing sex without love teaches it. And then feelings are lost in the sacred act..leaving emptiness. LOVE IS sacred..making love is true honour and respect Produced, written and sung by me including all harmonies and instruments.

At the end of the video, Sofia was seen dressed like a num and her husband Vlad Stanescu dressed like an Indian priest and the duo performing puja. There has Lord Ganesha idol in front of them.  

No sooner Sofia released her intimate video, she has been trolled on social media for using the holy word, ‘Om Shanti Om’. 

Sofia Hayat was married to her boyfriend in April, 2017. The wedding took place as per Egyptian rituals. Sofia looked beautiful in a golden wedding attire. The next morning, she wrote about her nuptial, "The last morning as Miss and Mr. Single for the last day..." Later, she also mentioned the wedding date in another post, "24.4.17 getting married today."