Watch: Veena Malik and Rajan Verma's MMS clip leaked

If the Hindi Film industry is filled with A-listers who are vying for the number one spot with their films, then there are also ‘ambitious’ small-time celebrities who try their best to get under the glare of the media to further their stay in the industry. They can be called ‘ambitious’ as they can get to any extent to grab eyeballs.

People belonging to the second category are Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra and Veena Malik, who have to their credit of making the term “publicity stunt” popular. The last in this list, Veena, made herself known by selling trivia on her ex-boyfriend’s (Pakistani cricketer Asif) match-fixing scandal. This made her popular and she got a quick entry into “Bigg Boss” season 4 that year.

Veena gave all that to the show that a section of the viewers wanted- ‘low-key sleaze’. Then she was supposed to be part of “Swayamvar”, fourth season. The show has seen the likes of Rakhi Sawant, Ratan Rajput, and Rahul Mahajan who were to find their marriage partners on the show and eventually get married to one of the 13 contestants.(Read: only Rahul Mahajan got married, others only got engaged to escape the trouble). Veena at the last moment backed out of the show for she got a better option- ‘a B-grade film’.

Recently an mms scandal cropped up which features Veena Malik and Rajan Verma. The video shows her intimate with Rajan, more specifically cuddling and kissing. The clip is focussed on the two and is shot in darkness and therefore the faces are not clear and the woman’s face looks very close to that of Veena.

The video is of 44-seconds duration.  However, recent details and speculations divulge another side to this story. What is being claimed to be a leak can actually be a promotional strategy for her film in which Rajan stars as her co-star.

Therefore what is getting all the attention as a MMS clip is actually a publicity stunt for her film. Also it is being touted that the clip is actually a video grab of a scene from her film which then substantiates the reports of it being a promotional strategy.

These reports have not yet been confirmed by the makers of the film and therefore nothing can be validated as such. If the woman featured in the video is Veena and it is not a clip from her film then she is sure to receive extreme criticism from her natives of Pakistan.