Watch: Sunil Grover as Billa Sharabi is too funny to handle

Sunil Grover has released a new song, titled, ‘Daaru Pe Ke Girna’ and it is too hilarious. Sunil nails as a drunken man and gets into funny situations.

Through this video, Sunil narrates what actually happens to an alcoholics. The song will tickle your funny bones and make you ROFL.

The music is composed by Amit Trivedi and Sunil has added comedy in it. Grover took to Twitter to share the link to the song sung and penned by him. He tweeted: “Drinking can harm more than a few ways, Billa Sharabi voicing in this video song.”

The video ends with a special message when Billa Sharabi says- “Sharab Mat Piyo.”

Well, after quitting ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Sunil will be returning to Sony with a new show of his own.