Watch: Shama Sikander goes bold on bed in ‘Sexoholic’

Shama Sikander of ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’ has undergone a complete image makeover for the new video, titled, ‘Sexoholic’. She has transformed herself completely not only from outward but also from inward. She has gone bold and sensuous for the new video. The short story by Shailendra Singh is about a woman desires too much sex.

Shama Sikander plays a nymphomaniac and the movie is too bold and hot for the Indian audience. It narrates the story of a woman with a higher-than-average libido. She gets intimate with has sex with multiple men to satisfy her sex thirst. The movie is too bold and the viewers requires to confirm their age to watch the video.

Talking to a daily, Sikander had said: "However, this depression turned out good for me. During this break, I gave myself some time. Today, the way my life has changed is awesome. I have accepted people and now I am living an honest life.” She added: “I am very comfortable in showcasing the bold side on the screen. I do not mind showing my skin for a person like Shailendra Singh who is a great friend of mine. Shailendra is a funny man and I did this film only for him. When I started my journey as an actor, I was very young. I had no idea about the glamour world; I was just learning about my life, body and soul. As the days passed by, I’ve learned a lot more about myself. Today, I am comfortable in whatever I am doing because I have accepted myself.”

Watch the video below: