Watch: Highly miffed Shahrukh Khan drags host by leg in a prank

Superstar Shahrukh Khan lost his temper when comedian Ramez Galal played a prank on him on the show MBC's Ramez Underground (Arabic show). It is an Arabic show shot in Dubai and Shahrukh Khan was invited to be part of the show.

It was OK initially but when the prank crossed the limit, SRK lost his temper and dragged the host by his leg and he was about to hit him. The host Ramez kept on saying sorry to King Khan but he turned deaf ear to his begging.

After wrapping up his interview with TV presenter Nishan (also part of the prank), when he was on his way back, the driver lost his way and the vehicle got stuck in quicksand. SRK and others fell in the quicksand. Out of fear, Nishan was screaming and the actor was seen consoling her Then suddenly out of nowhere, a giant lizard (Ramez hidden in the costume) appeared and headed towards SRK and others. 

When Ramez came out of the costume, SRK realized it was a prank. He got fumed and not ready to listen to anybody. When Ramez explained it was a prank, this is what SRK said--I don't want to know what the bloody show is called. The host apologised profusely saying--I swear to god, we love you, sorry. SRK kept saying--'don't talk to me' and 'the less you speak the better for you.'

Another video showed, Shahrukh pulled out of the quicksand. SRK got so angry that he dragged the host by leg and almost beat him up.

However, later the Bollywood actor and the host make-up was seen smiling and posing for selfies. It is also being said that the megastar got Rs 2 crore to play the part.