Watch Raveena, Manoj Bajpai's short film in honour of Independence Day

On the occasion of 68 years of India’s Independence, actors Bajpai and Raveena Tandon in a six-minute short film, stirs our conscience and reminds us that we are lucky to be born in an Independent country.

The video ‘Jai Hind’ by OYO Rooms is directed by Vinay Jaiswal. It shows how our lives would have been if some other country ruled over us.

In the film, Manoj and Raveena are out to celebrate the latter’s birthday. They are seen discussing about what food to order when suddenly their bike is hit by a car and the couple is injured. There are people around and vehicles moving, but no one comes forward to help them. The couple is seen going through a lot of ordeal in a matter of minutes.

The video comes with a message that if not for the struggle and sacrifice of our freedom fighters and martyrs, our lives would have been worse. The last minute of the film makes us realise how the sacrifice by our national heroes brought so much change to our lives, and arouses our gratitude for them.