Watch: Poonam Pandey's hot and sexy 'Do The Rex' video

When Bollywood star Ranveer Singh agreed to appear in an ad for a well known condom brand, it made news. Not only was it his first ever television commercial but the first ever endorsement of condom by any prominent Bollwood actor. The ad was released last week and it seems that it has become popular enough to be spoofed. Model Poonam Pandey, famous/infamous for her ‘nude’ publicity stunts,  has uploaded a rip off of Ranveer’s ad and it seems it has paid because she is back in news. Together the two videos already have more than 15 lakh hits on YouTube.

Ranveer’s ad titled ‘Do the Rex’ is seen by many as a breath of fresh air as most such ads generally rely on titillation and sleaze and feature women in provocative manner. On the other hand this ad is mostly male centric.  It begins with a bed scene of Ranveer but soon shifts into Ranveer’s daily activities as a movie star. It features an elaborate song and dance sequence where he urges youngsters to ‘do the rex’ that is to have safe sex. The disco themed song has a catchy tune and Ranveer has also rapped himself for the song. When asked for his comments, Ranveer said in a statement, “I've declined several tempting endorsement offers. And now, finally, I'm doing the commercial for world's leading brand Durex.” The actor also said he wants to promote safe sex and awareness about sexual well being among the youth.  The video of the ad was uploaded on 23rd April and at present has around 14 lakh hits at present.

The same things cannot be said about the spoof video by Ponaam Pandey though. She also uses the same title for the video.  She appears in the video in some kind of a hotel room. She is attired in a dangerously skimpy bikini top, micro mini and unbuttoned jacket, all of golden color. For the next few minutes she performs some sensuous moves with the background music. Near the end, she takes of the jacket and indulges in some more skin show. Publicity seems to be the only motive behind this video and she has not claimed anything contrary. Her efforts seem to pay off as within 2 days after uploading the video has garnered almost 2.5 lakh hits on YouTube. Now all that remains to be seen is which video has more impact on the mind of the viewers.