Trailer: Aamir Khan like never before in and as ‘PK’

<PK>2014 has seen the release of several big films and on this 24th October, SRK’s ‘Happy New Year’ also got released. Now all attention will begin to divert towards the final big release of the year, Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ which will release on 19th December.

In past few years, film audiences have come to expect something unique each time an Aamir Khan film releases. ‘PK’ has already become a talked about project thanks to its controversial first poster (featuring a nude Aamir Khan) and subsequent poster campaign that has been introducing the other important characters from the film like  the ones played by Sanjay Dutt and Anushka Sharma. Now at the height of Diwali celebrations, the makers have decided to increase the anticipation even more by releasing the teaser of the film.

The around 2 minute teaser features all the key actors from the film but gives no clue about their exact characters and the plot. The film somewhat confirms the rumour that Aamir is playing an alien in the film, because of his unusual look and behaviour. He steals money from beggars, clothes from couples who are busy making love, chews paan (betel) whenever he sees it and dances with weird steps. Ansuhka Sharma’s voice has been used for background narration. She calls Aamir’s character ‘namoona' and 'atrangi'. The now famous, ‘nude’ scene from the film’s poster is also seen in the teaser.

At the teaser launch event of ‘PK’, Aamir said, "Coincidently my films have been releasing during Christmas and each year I have been showing the trailer during Diwali. So, we decided to do the same this Diwali as well. I hope the film works for us." He also shed light on some of the things that he had to do while portraying his role. Aamir said, "I am not used to eating paan, but for this film I have eaten as many as 50 to 60 paans in a day because of my character. We used to have a paanwala on the sets."

When asked the plot and nature of his character, Aamir said, "Like Raj Kumar's other films even this film will have a strong message. This is the toughest role of my career. I have hardly blinked in this film because of my character". He also added, "I can't reveal much, as the crux of the story will get revealed. There are lot of rumours. People feel that I am playing a double role, some feel I am playing an alien but wait till the film releases."