Watch: Mallika Sherawat's leaked video goes viral

Mallika Sherawat was deeply moved on seeing the plight of the women in India and expressed her concerns for the same in a media conference. The conference happened in the beginning of October before the launch of her show 'The Bachelorette -- Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika' on NDTV Imagine. 

The video remained intact for a long time and recently got leaked online on Youtube. The video is the latest sensational piece of news and has received numerous views from various media channels. It may become a threat for Mallika’s so-called reputation.

When being asked about why she finds women cannot progress in India, Mallika said, “Today I read in the newspaper, according to UNFPA, 40 per cent of Indian women are married below the age of 18, I think it is a very very regressive state for women. And I stand by it.”  

Mallika’s tone was a bit arrogant in this conversation with a journalist because of an incident which just happened a little while ago. One of the reporters threw a question at her, that why she wants to find a suitable partner for herself in India when she thinks that India is not a flourishing country!

Mallika was infuriated and rebuffed the reporter saying “I think you need to do your homework well. I said Indian society is regressive for women, see the interview again.” 

Naturally, all these questions cropped up in the minds of reporters when they had witnessed Mallika calling India a regressive country in an interview at Cannes.

Mallika should have conveyed her point of view in a mild and mushy tone. Her remarks may hurt the sentiments of the martyrs who have laid down their lives for the sake of the country. But this does not imply that we should overlook all the happenings which are against the favor of women.

There are numerous cases including both common and high profile cases of alleged sexual assaults of women which need to be stopped for sure and the culprits should be punished. But if such views of celebrities will get coupled with such news then the nation’s peace may be at stake! The whole nation may suffer at the international level and India may earn a bad reputation in the eyes of citizens of other countries as well.