Watch: Freida Pinto’s brutal love-making video

The star of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Freida Pinto’s wild sex scene has taken the web with storm. The video shows Freida making brutal sex with her co-star Riz Ahmed in her upcoming film, ‘Trishna’. It shows that the boy wants to get every slice of Freida and gets too wild with her. The trailer shows that the boy has deep lust for the girl and indulged in some brutal love-making.

The scene is so steamy and aggressive that the producer of the film has decided to come up with two versions of the movie, English and Hindi. For the Indian audience, they will cut few scenes of love-making while for the western audience they will keep the scene as it is. Freida is very worried about the scene that she has filmed as she does not know how the Indian audience would accept her. She feared that the scene might not tarnish her image in the eyes of the Indian audience.

Trishna’s producer Sunil Bohra has decided to present two versions of the film to the censor-board.

Explains Bohra, “The dubbed Hindi version would be shown to the censors with the love scenes reduced. I can’t remove them since they carry the story forward. But I can reduce them. I’ll present the English version of Trishna to the censor-board with the love scenes intact. They have more liberal rules about sex in foreign films.”

When asked if there is any pressure on him from Freida Pinto to remove the love-making scenes Bohra replies dishonestly, “We’ll do what has to be done.”

Directed by Michael Winterbottom’s Trishna is considered as one of the most boldest acts portrayed by any Indian actress in Hollywood flick.