Watch: Freida Pinto as stripper, locking-lips with Bruno Mars

The ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ girl Freida Pinto will be seen in never-seen-before avatar as a strip girl in the racy video for the Bruno Mars single Gorilla. Freida heats up the dance floor with her bare dare avatar. She took the center stage surrounded by other strippers and she is the reason of envy for the other strippers.

The video stars Freida as the 'new girl in town' rocking the dance floor. As the song reaches it’s extreme point, Freida slowly take off her clothes. She took off her black leather dress and then continued with her underwear. She slowly proceeds towards  the pole as Mars croons nearby.

The clip was directed by Philip Lawrence Ari Levine. The six-minute video shows men throwing dollar bills at Pinto as she writhes on a pole, whips her hair back and forth and shakes her body.

The lyrics of the song goes as, "You got your legs up in the sky / With the devil in your eyes," Mars croons. "Let me hear you say you want it all / Say it now, say it now."

In one of the scenes, Pinto shares a passionate lip-lock with Bruno in the backseat of the car. At the end, Freida takes away the musician's guitar pours tequila on the instrument and set the guitar on fire.

The video would definitely prove a shocker for Freida Pinto's fans as for the first time she will be seen in a bare dare attitude.

freida pinto
freida pinto