Watch: Aditi Rao Hydari-starrer modern day Mahabharat is hilarious

The characters of Sita and Draupadi from our epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, have been a subject of debate position of women in Indian society. In a light-hearted approach, ‘Delhi Belly’ writer Akshat Verma has given a modern twist to the tale of Mahabharata in his short film titled ‘Mama's Boys’ and it is hilarious.

The short film stars Aditi Rao Hydari as Draupadi, while Neena Gupta plays the role of matriarch Kunti. The role of five Pandavas are played by Amol Parashar as Arjun, Arunoday Singh as Bhim, Akshay Oberoi as Yudhisthir, while Nakul and Sahdev’s characters are portrayed by Vivaan Shah and Jim Sarbh respectively. The film is also the swan song of comedian Razak Khan, who passed away in June this year.    

Like in the original epic, in the short film too Draupadi is allowed no choice before being distributed to the five Pandava brothers. But she uses her feminine wiles to turn the situations to her advantage.  

The 16-minuite video opens with Arjun bringing home and introducing his hard-won bride Draupadi to his mother, who tells him to share it with his brothers. Kunti is a woman of principles and never goes back on her words. However, Arjun is not ready to relent and reminds his mother that she went back on her words when she cooked tinda instead of rajma and didn’t cook chicken even after saying so.

Arjun then approaches the dim-witted Bhim who is working out in the gym with his girlfriend Hidimba, and asks him what if he were to share Hidimba with others. Bhim doesn’t mind as Hidimba is cool with it. Arjun goes to his twin brothers Nakul and Sahdev who are gay designers but are discussing about a girl’s hot Instagram picture and tell Arjun that they have been cured of their homsexuality. However, the dodge to topic of marriage when Kunti asks them to meet the prospective twin brides she has lined up for them. The eldest of them Yudhisthir is busy gambling with his cousins and Shakuni mama, and when Arjun comes to him to discuss his dilemma, Yudhisthir instead borrows money from him and also takes his brand-new watch, but assures that he will speak to their mother.

The short film is really funny. Aditi also shared it on her Twitter handle writing, “#Mamasboys mama & Draupadi turning things upside down,or -rightside up!”