Wardrobe Malfunction: Lara’s gown slips off

Recently, Bollywood actress Lara Dutta had a horrible experience of wardrobe malfunction. The strap of her gown slipped off from her shoulder and showing off her internal asset. All this happened at the IIFA event in Colombo. Lara was wearing a golden low cut gown and as she was addressing her fans, the strap slipped off thereby revealing her secret asset. The camera person present there captured the moment instantly.

Lara Dutta was present on stage for the launch of a musical reality show which she is judging. When she was addressing the gathering, all of a sudden her strap slipped off. Lara used her presence of mind and suddenly went back stage to fix it.

Lara’s gown was quite deep cut and it ended up with malfunction. Its was really embarrassing for Lara. Her boyfriend Mahesh Bhupati also accompanied her.