VJ Anusha Dandekar pens open letter on her spat with Kishwer Merchant

Days after being slammed by Kishwer Merchant for making fun of her friend’s English accent, VJ-model-actress Anusha Dandekar has now clarified her stance on the online spat with the television actress.

Anusha penned a long letter on Instagram that reads, “To my loves, I guess I have stayed quiet long enough. And the undying support & love is forever appreciated from the bottom of heart. Being born in Africa, raised in the UK & mostly Australia, I have actually lived most of my life in my motherland, it's funny anywhere I ever go or have lived, coming back here always makes me feel safest & at ease. So, the fact that anyone made this about racial discrimination just because I have a different accent, isn't that racist too? In this 10 sec video we laughed at WHAT he was saying, it was nothing to do with accents, or English. When we mimicked him, again it was about WHAT he was saying!”

Kishwer had lashed out at Anusha after the VJ and her friend VJ Gaelyn Mendonca, apparently mocked the accent of Kishwer’s friends, actor Gurneet Chadda and Rahul Sharma. The ‘Brahmarakshas’ actress had commented saying that “not everyone is from Australia” and that her friends “have a good heart” unlike Anusha and Gaelyn “who are sitting and making fun of two people they don’t even know.”  

Anusha’s post further read, “Gaelyn is like a little sister & a beautiful soul. Also, the funniest person I know, so when she does impressions, it's unbelievably funny! She wouldn't hurt a fly. If you know me or have ever followed me, I am completely non-racist, non-judgemental & I dislike drama. I love to love & I see the good.

“The reason I stayed silent for so long was not because of weakness but because I had only one concern, if it was true friendship & sentiments were hurt, which I'm not doubting they could have been, I only wonder why not pick up the phone and say, "Anusha this is hurtful to my friend pleae take it down immediately." Without second thought I would have & would have apologized profusely. Because my intention would NEVER to be hurt anyone, it's just not who I am.

“Also, wouldn't this just hurt the guy in question more by publicising it further? So, for a while I was really confused. It just suddenly felt like it all got twisted and for all the wrong reasons, I couldn't understand it. It’s almost like they were indulging in the hate and replying to only our supporters. Pushing past all of that, I would like to apologize to the boy in question, I'm sorry if you were hurt, you must know we found you hysterically funny, we laughed and watched your video so many times, with genuine clean hearts, that I can assure you. Saying that we would never want to hurt you and if you were, I am really sorry again. Lots of love.

The VJ also added, “PS. I would also like to respond to the person that said we must have been high on something. For someone who's never touched a drug in her life, you have to realise laughter and fun can also happen because you are high on life and maybe ice-cream.”

Anusha captioned the post, “Love from me... xoxo.”

Earlier too, Anusha replied to Kishwer by posting, "Relax, we weren't making fun of anyone, we wouldn't do that...The video made us laugh...Wasn't meant to offend anyone. In another, she wrote, “And we are both Indians! So please it was never about the accent, the video was funny, that's it! @kishwersmerchantt.”