Vivek Oberoi wishes to look forward on his birthday

As actor Vivek Oberoi turns a year older, he seems ready to put the past behind and move on. Vivek is happy that his career has once again received a boost with the success of Shootout At Lokhandwala. Vivek had an extremely promising future when he began his career in bollywood, however since then many things changed and he managed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. But Vivek now wants to follow a new motto in life “It’s not important whether you succeed or fail in life, what’s important is that you did your best.”
Vivek has made several enemies in the film industry and one of them happens to be actor Salman Khan. Nonetheless Vivek has tried to pacify Salman several times and has even publicly apologized to him, but Sallu refuses to forgive and forget. Recently Vivek publicly apologized to Salman while performing a dance sequence, but the latter was not impressed. Many believe that this was one more of Vivek’s attempts to get attention, however he says “I did what my heart felt was right at that time. I am driven by my heart. I had publicly hurt Salman’s sentiments once and now I’ve made up publicly. There was no act behind this, I am not looking for anything more or less from all this.”

Vivek also adds “I am looking forward to a new life now. I have no strings attached, no guilt to bog me down and I am a new man who is raring to go.” Vivek has firmly decided not look back but forward, he says “Who cares what happened in the past? The magic lies in the present.” And as proof of a bright future, Vivek has a few important films in his kitty like Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul and Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Parliament. On the personal front Vivek has been linked with several women, but Vivek claims “I am a single guy but that doesn’t mean I should be linked with anyone who I even say hello to. Yes, I ‘ve been dating young, unattached girls on and off, but its nothing serious.” Recently Vivek was also linked with Saif Ali Khan’s ex-girlfriend Rozza but he claims that there is nothing between them.

On his birthday, apart from looking ahead to a bright future, Vivek will attend a pooja at his home in the morning followed by a visit to the cancer patient’s hospital where he will spend the day with them.