Vivek Oberoi trying to be friendly with Salman Khan

The break up between Superstar Salman Khan and beauty queen Aishwarya Rai back in 2003 was a very messy affair. It also led to a fight between Salman and Shahrukh Khan because Salman stormed in the sets of Shahrukh’s film ‘Chalte Chalte’ and tried to take Aishwarya away with him.

However to the surprise of everyone, the then newcomer Vivek Oberoi got involved in the muddle too. While Salman was preoccupied with his hit and run case, Ash was seen regularly with Vivek and they also did a film together.  An unhappy Salman reportedly called him one day. No one knows what exactly transpired between them but things got ugly. Vivek openly raised sensational allegations that Salman has abused and threatened him over the phone. He announced that he will take a stand against Salman and will fight him hand to hand if necessary. Salman never reacted to this incident and kept calm. But Vivek’s chivalry act went in vain as Aishwarya distanced herself from the allegations and later from Vivek altogether. Vivek’s career that started on a promising note with ‘Company’ also went downwards while Salman has since recovered and reached new heights of success. Aishwarya too is now happily married into the Bachchan family. Some industry insiders jokingly said that without doing anything Salman has showed Vivek that despite the controversies he is a force to reckon with in the industry.  

Few years after that infamous incident, Vivek must have realized his mistake. He started using every opportunity to try to apologize to Salman. Few years ago at a public event Vivek was on the stage while Salman was sitting in the front row. Under the glare of media cameras, Vivek bowed down and held his ears in an apologizing manner while Salman watched. However Salman has not shown any indication to forgive Vivek. At an awards show in January, Salman shared the stage for few moments with Vivek. While Vivek kept a smiling face, Salman looked very serious and moved away soon.  On May 26th, Salman and Vivek came face to face again at the swearing-in ceremony of new PM Narendra Modi. Vivek was seen greeting Salman with folded hands which some dubbed as apology but Salman was unmoved.

The most recent and strangest effort by Vivek was on 3rd June. Salman went to visit Vivek’s neighbor Govinda. As per sources, upon seeing Salman’s car outside, Vivek came out of his house.  Salman was not in the car so Vivek started chatting with his driver. Looks like Vivek is still interested in patching things up. Will his efforts pay off? Only time can tell.