Vivek Oberoi to file case for kissing rumor

Vivek Oberoi at Naksha press conferenceActor Vivek Oberoi is going to file case against those who spread the wrong news of his being slapped at a party for kissing a foreigner girl.

He vehemently declared that no such incident happened and media is just trying to create some juicy story out of his life. He will file defamatory case against them for spreading wrong news about him and diminishing his reputation. Apoorva Lakhia, the director of mission Istanbul also ruled out occurrence of any such incident and laughed at media’s false reporting.

Vivek's publicist Dale Bhagwagar disproved the claim against Vivek and said that he is a well-behaved man and nothing of such thing happened, no such party was organized where Vivek and Apoorva were invited. To Dale, it is an imaginary story of media and Vivek had no connection to this incident. The newspaper also mentioned of eyewitness, Bhagwagar laughed and remarked, "Where is the question of an 'eyewitness' when no such party or function ever took place. The incident as well as the whole story about this party, drinking, flirting and slap is all fictitious."