Vivek Oberoi set to follow Shahrukh, Salman and get six pack abs

After seeing SRK’s six pack abs, it seems now all his colleagues in bollywood are set to follow suit. Aamir too is said to be working out hard as he wants to tone up his body for his bare body act in forthcoming film Ghajini. Abhishek too it seems has hit the gym with a vengeance and is working out extremely hard to lose all the extra weight that he had put on for his role in Guru. Now Vivek Oberoi is also working out to get six pack abs for his role in Mission Istanbul.
Vivek Oberoi was last seen in Apoorva Lakhia’s Shootout At Lokhandwala, he had put on a bit of weight as he had an injury and was unable to work out for quite some time. However now director Apoorva too has asked all his actors in Mission Istanbul to get a lean look for the film. Hence Vivek has been working out with his trainer Satyajit Chourasia to get six pack abs. In Mission Istanbul, Vivek will play a Turkish commando called Rizwan and hence he is preparing for his role extensively. The film is also action oriented and one of the best Hollywood action guys George Agular has been roped in to do the action stunts. Also the villain of the film is above 6 feet and very muscular, naturally all the rest of the actors too need to have a strong and muscular look. Vivek is also taking yoga, weight training and Tai Chi classes as part of his preparation for the role.

Vivek’s trainer Chourasia claims “Now, Vivek's four-pack is already showing; he will acquire six-pack abs in the next couple of months. He works out at the Barbarian gym every day for three and a half hours." Vivek is also following a special diet mainly of proteins and he avoids rice, carbs and sweets.