Vivek Oberoi names his son Vivaan Veer Oberoi

Completely besotted with the new born, proud father and actor Vivek Oberoi named his son Vivaan Veer Oberoi. Vivaan means the rising sun and the actor spoke his heart out about his new born. "While shooting for 'Sher', I came to know Priyanka was pregnant and I had decided that it was not only her who was pregnant, but we both were. I made it a point to go for each check-up and sonography, and I used to tell her really early in her pregnancy that we would have a boy.

I would talk to her belly and she would laugh her head off. Then one day, I just started calling him Vivaan Veer Oberoi and she felt I was taking it too far. Vivaan means the rising sun. The first light that dispels the darkness. Veer due to our warrior heritage. There was this adorable fight between Priyanka and me as she felt what if we have a daughter? How will she feel?

I was there in the delivery room to receive him and cut his umbilical cord. I left his amniotic fluid for a couple of hours as we all know it's good for the baby. He stopped crying and opened his eyes and kept looking at me. In that one moment, I felt he was my universe and completely owned me. I cried so much at that time, and no one knew whether he was crying or I was."

Vivek’s wife Priyanka Oberoi gave birth to a baby boy on February 5th. Vivek who is basking in the joy has bagged few important movies but the actor planned to take paternity leave to be with his baby. Vivek now tries to spend more time with his boy and few days back he was really worried when his son had a hiccups.

We wish Vivek and Priyanka a happy parenthood!