Vivek Oberoi in news again!

<a href='//' title='Vivek Oberoi' class='article_display_tag' data-id='vivek-oberoi' id='article_tag_data_vivek-oberoi' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Vivek Oberoi</strong></a>Vivek Oberoi is in news once more. No, need not worry. He hasn't had another accident, but this time it's because of the kind of films he's doing. He will feature in Sarfarosh fame John Mathew Matthan's next venture yet untitled. There were reports that Ajay Devgan and Shahid Kapoor were signed for the film. But...
...Vivek explains, "You see as far as I know, Johnsahab has asked me to do his film. He has written the script himself. There are two subjects he is working on right now so there's a possibility that he has talked about the other one with Ajay or Shahid. The one that he has narrated to me is a great piece of work involving lots of drama and action. I have never heard of anything like this in Indian cinema."

After his clarification that he is doing John's film we asked him some random questions about different things happening in his life. We ask him about the Valenciennes Film Festival where he was invited. He says, "Yes they did invite me as 'Company' was being screened there. The Centre Pompidue, which is like a cultural retrospective of Indian cinema. They showed 50 films in two months so you are looking at that kind of fantastic exposure of Indian cinema in Paris (France) and thus opening up a new territory. They look at us with a lot of admiration because our films do better in our country than English films.

Another accident that happened in Ranikhet ( Uttar Pradesh) where this time he fractured his hand! "I had gone for my riding lessons in the morning with the horse trainer and the actresses?British actress Antonia and Isha Sarwani. They were riding behind me and suddenly I hear Isha's scream. I saw her horse dart past me and she was just learning how to ride. So we all rushed to her aid. I reigned in her horse and in the process my horse slipped on the concrete. I jumped off and landed on my hand. Thus I suffered a small fracture on my wrist."

And what about the funny hair style in the film 'Masti'. Vivek laughs and says, "We have a name for the haistyle.It's called the chappu haircut and its meant to be hilarious.This is my first comedy film and fortunately I don't have this on-screen image which I have to adhere to. I believe that I should go all out for my character even if it takes to have a funny hairstyle.

What about the 'Kisna' of Subhash Ghai? " Subhash Ghai has influenced me a lot. Rather I have learnt a lot of things from him like patience. Like most creative geniuses he has a gut instinct which he follows. You have to be in tune with that and be comfortable with that energy. I find it fascinating that he is trying to do something new all the time. 'Kisna' is about 35 per cent complete. I don't play the role of a village boy but the character does belong to the rural India.The film is positioned in the 1930's and 40's."

What about your other projects?
"Well quite a few. 'Masti' is coming then 'Yuva', 'Kyon Ho Gaya Naa', 'Kisna', Vishal Bharadwaj's 'Timbuctoo' and a couple of them are in the pipeline"

What about the relationship with Aishwarya Rai?
"I don't want to talk about it right now. A lot of things have already been spoken about it.

The last question on his international film 'The Invaders'.
"There have been a lot of changes on that front including the script. And they have rewritten a lot of it. So I am waiting for them to send me the new script and then I will make the decision.