Vivek devotes all his time to his pregnant wife, Priyanka

Vivek Oberoi has had an emotional turmoil in his personal life before he finally settled down with Priyanka Alva on the 29th of October in the year 2010.

He has had a bevy of women in his life in the past. When he entered the film industry he was known to be dating Gurpreet Gill. Their relationship lasted for four years. He then had an affair with Aishwarya Rai. This relationship ended on a bitter note. After that names like Vidya Balan and Neeru Bajwa were linked to his.

It was finally the daughter of the former Karnataka Minister Jeevaraj Alva, who was chosen by Vivek to be his life partner. Two years down the line, the two seem to be happily married.

Now there is news, that Priyanka is pregnant with their first child. The news was revealed by Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra. He used his Twitter handle to tweet and congratulate Vivek on this happy revelation. He spilled the beans tweeting “Congratulating my dear friend @vivek_oberoi and his wife Priyanka on the good news and welcoming them to parenthood soon!"

When this news was revealed in August, Priyanka had been 2 months pregnant. Priyanka’s mother had been approached to confirm this news then. Her mother Nandini confirmed the new saying, "Yes it is true that Priyanka is expecting," and also added, "We are very happy." When she was asked about further revelations about the parent-to-be she chose to remain mum.

Priyanka’s pregnancy has led to Vivek being all the more caring towards her. He recently confessed in an interview, that currently he has only one weakness, that being his pregnant wife.

Vivek Oberoi brazenly confessed, describing his state as a husband, that these days he is ‘joru ka ghulam’. He has been actually enjoying spending quality time with his wife and now she is the centre of all his attention.

He also added enthusiastically, describing his family’s excitement over the news, “My parents, my sister and I are all super-excited because Priyanka and I are expecting our first baby in February next year."

Vivek also revealed what he does to make his wife happy, during the time when he is not shooting. He said that he takes her for movies or delights her by making her indulge in her favorite cuisine.

We only hope that the new born adds more vigor and good luck to Vivek and his career.