Vivek avoids Salman at a party

Many times Vivek Oberoi extended olive branch to his rival Salman Khan but of vain. Salman never welcomes his friendship invitation and bypass Vivek. This time Vivek chose to avoid Salman Khan when both arrived at producer Ramesh Taurani’s party celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday night.

Vivek in order to avoid Sallu hurriedly rushed to the main entrance when he saw Salman Khan was arriving. Vivek was so hurry to leave the venue that when his driver parked the car, he asked him to move to the next seat so that he could take control of the steering. When Vivek was asked why he tried to run away from Salman, he replied diplomatically, “Oh is it so? No I don’t think so. There is nothing like that.”

Salman and Vivek turned enemies when six years back Vivek commented about Sallu’s personal life in front of the public. If we remember both Vivek and Salman were Aishwarya’s ex flames. Salman and Vivek’s relationship sour when Ash left Salman and connected with Vivek. Strangely, after the tussle, Vivek’s personal and professional life did not lift up.