Vivaan Getting to Learn Better

Newcomer Vivaan Shah is all set to set the silver screen on fire with the SRK-Deepika starrer ‘Happy New Year.’ Working with director Farah Khan, in the film, has been a life changing experience for Vivaan Shah, son of veteran Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah, as he got the opportunity to learn the craft of acting as well as filmmaking. The actor feels "blessed and honoured".

"The experience (of working in Happy New Year) has been superb. It has been a life changing experience for me. It is been an absolute honour and blessing for me to have worked in this film,” says Vivaan. Praising the film's entire crew further, he said: "All the technical aspects - whether it was filmmaking or acting - they are masters of that. They are so good. You have to really see them working because anybody who sees it will learn.” Vivaan made his acting debut with Priyanka Chopra starrer ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ in 2011.

He will also be seen in Anurag Kashyap’s forthcoming film, ‘Bombay Velvet’. Presently, he is looking forward to the release of ‘Happy New Year’, in which he will not only be a narrator in the film but will also be playing the role of a computer hacker.

"My dad is the biggest fan of Farah in the film industry. He feels it is a great blessing that I got to do this film (Happy New Year). I feel lucky and fortunate to be getting this film and I will cherish this moment all my life. I am sure my father will be very proud and happy of my work in this film," Vivaan said in an interview in Mumbai.

 "What I learnt from my dad about acting and the craft was theory. But I learnt things practically when I worked on this film. How you apply the theory is important and everyone helped and taught me lot of things while doing this film," he added.

The young entrant felt honoured to be working with established actors like Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and Jackie Shroff. "Boman sir is like teacher, Farah is like mother, Shahrukh sir is like guiding light, Deepika is a close friend, Abhishek is like an an elder brother, Sonu sir is like a coach and Jackie (Shroff) dada is an institution. I have learnt a lot about acting from this film and I will cherish it all my life," Vivaan said.

Vivaan confesses that the senior actors did his leg-pulling on the sets, but he’s smart enough to know it was all out of love and fun!