‘Vishwaroopam’s’ release date in Tamil Nadu to be announced soon

It seems that the film ‘Vishwaroopam’ has garnered possibly all sort of trouble a film can run into. The big budgeted Kamal Haasan film was already in turmoil as it was rumored that the film was not getting distributors and might not recover the investment on it. The bolt from the blue came as banning of the film in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The reason was that the film would hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community and thus may give rise to unrest.

The film community of the entire nation was moved by the plight of the popular and senior actor Kamal Haasan. The south Indian superstar Rajnikanth openly stated his support for the actor and decided to stand with him. Bollywood was also not behind in expressing their anguish against what was meted out to Kamal Hassan by the state governments. Prominent film maker reacted to the situation by stating that, "I felt for the filmmaker and what he was going through and I think as a fraternity something has to be done because this cannot happen time and again. Freedom of expression and speech has to be exercised on all accounts".

Veteran actor Anupam Kher is also the former Chairman of the censor board. Commenting on the situation he said "Being a member of the Censor Board, I think no film should be stopped from releasing after being cleared by the Board. It is a very scary situation”.

Under a growing media pressure that questioned the decision of the state governments, Karnataka government withdrew the ban on the movie and ‘Vishwaroopam’ opened to full theatres. In recent developments finally the Tamil Nadu government lifted the ban on the film after Kamal Hassan agreed to make changes to the film so that the sentiment of the Muslim community is not hurt. On Sunday the actor stated that "I have spoken to my Muslim brothers. I have convinced them that there is nothing wrong with the film. I have agreed to remove some sound clips from the film".

The film is speculated to be released this Friday in the theatres of Tamil Nadu. Obviously Kamal Hassan is now a much relieved man. However, this is a two week delay from the original release date of the movie in the state. An estimated Rs. 30 to 50 crore is lost by the movie due to this delayed opening.