Vishwaroopam’s fate in Tamil Nadu to be finalised soon

It is known that Kamal Haasan’s much-awaited film “Vishwaroopam” is yet to hit the screens in Tamil Nadu though its release date has passed. The film had been banned by the government of Tamil Nadu since some Muslim outifts claimed that the film would hurt the sentiments of the community. Fearing the loss of peace and harmony, the government decided to stop Kamal Haasan’s film from being screened for about two weeks.

To this the actor had said, “I have been ruthlessly used as a vehicle by small groups who seek political profile. Icon bashing is a great way to be noticed when you are not one yourself. It is happening again and again. Any neutral and patriotic Muslim will surely feel pride on seeing my film. It was designed for that purpose.”

This not only agitated Kamal Haasan but his fans too lent their support to the actor. With Eid and Republic Day having been over, the government has now decided to expedite its decision.

Justice K Venkatraman and a few more members of judiciary watched the film on the 26th of January. The film has been privately screened only for them. They will now pass a verdict on the film on the 29th of January. The verdict of the judges will make sure all the more if the film will get released in Tamil Nadu.

On the 26th of January, the film’s screening started around 1:15 pm. The official people who marked their presence were Justice K Venkataraman, Navneedakrishnan who is Tamil Nadu’s Advocate General and Aravind Pandian who is the Assistant Advocate General.

Kamal Haasan’s sibling Chandra Haasan and lawyer named P.S Raman were also a part of this screening that had been held at a reserved studio.

The film “Vishwaroopam” is on war and its misfortunes. Due to the protests the film’s release was restricted until January 29th. The actor will soon be meeting the government officials and find solution to this scenario. The High Court of Madras will soon pass its verdict on the matter.

Numerous people belonging to the film fraternity, like superstar Rajnikanth made his support felt to the actor. Filmmaker Bharathiraja, Parthepan, and Ajith Kumar too opposed the court’s order against this movie. The film released in Kerala and in some parts of Hyderabad on the 25th of January.

Tamil Nadu government will soon be taking their decision. The film has been produced, directed and written by the actor Kamal Haasan himself. The film stars Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar, Jaideep Ahlawat and Shekhar Kapur in substantial roles.