Vishal Dadlani orders Raju to go off stage

Music composer Vishal Dadlani ordered comedian Raju Shrivastava to go off stage when Raju in the mid of Vishal’s performance appeared on the stage and tried to steal the thunder with his act. Raju felt humiliated with Vishal’s activity and he left the stage. According to an eye-witness, "Raju was just trying to be funny and raise laughs in the auditorium something Vishal could not digest." Says Raju, "It was just an on-the-spot, flash decision to liven up their act. The music and melody just made me feel like dancing, so I went up to do a few steps."

Vishal did not like Raju’s act in the mid-way of his performance and in full public view, he popped in Raju’s ear to leave the stage. Says Raju, "Maybe Vishal thought I was eating into his footage. He came and told me in my ears that don't do this now and that I could do it later." Raju had already finished his standup act and it is out of excitement that he rose up the stage and it was not pre-planned.

The event will be telecast on Sony Entertainment television next month.