Virat Kohli ring in 2014 with girlfriend Anushka Sharma

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma might deny dating Indian cricketer Virat Kohli but the latest picture of the cricketer proves Anushka’s every statement about her affair false. She is seeing Virat Kohli and there is no doubt in the fact. The Indian cricket team when landed in Mumbai late night, Virat Kohli straightway headed to Anushka’s residence in the actress’s car which was parked at the airport to pick Virat up.

On 31st December night, Virat was snapped at Anushka’s chauffeur driven BMW car, which the actress usually uses while his luggage was dumped in his car the SUV Range Rover MH.02.CR.727.

A lensman of a popular entertainment website followed Anushka’s car and found the car entering Anushka Sharma’s building Ambernath Tower in Versova. The cameraman stayed there for an hour to capture their next movement but the duo did not step out at the New Year night.

It is clear Virat celebrated the New Year with girlfriend Anushka and her close friends at her duplex apartment.

Before heading for the South Africa tour, Virat quickly caught up with his girlfriend.

Says an eyewitness, “It was around 10.45 pm when the cricketer and the actress walked out of the lift on the second floor parking area of the building.

Anushka was wearing a white T-shirt and pink trousers while Virat was casually dressed in tee and jeans. The actress saw him off in the car, but not before the two shared a quick kiss.”

Adds the source, “Virat kept turning back and looking at Anushka as the car made an exit.”

Numerous times, the rumored couple was spotted together. Last month also Virat and Anushka were seen together in a car at Seven Bungalows. Whenever Virat visits Mumbai, he makes sure that he catch up with his alleged ladylove.

The source continues, “Whenever Virat is in Mumbai, he visits Anushka’s house and the two look extremely comfortable in each other’s company.”

Anushka and Virat came close during a shampoo commercial and they instantly hit it off.  They bonded very well during the ad shoot and apparently dropped Anushka at her home right after the shoot.

Cricketers and film stars relationship dates long back. This is not the first time Virat is gelling with any Bollywood stars. Virat is a party loving guy and he has quite a few friends from the industry.

 In the past, Viral Kohli dated Brazilian model, Izabelle Leiti and Anushka broke up with Ranveer Singh.

However the actress denies dating Virat,"No, I am not dating him. I am friends with him. I think he is very well brought-up. Yes, when he is in Bombay, he does come and see me, which I think is pretty normal. If you are friends, you will see each other. But there's no relationship," she replied when asked about Virat Kohli.