Lovebirds Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma to live-in together

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have recently made their relationship public and now the latest report about the lovebirds is that they are moving in together. The duo has rented a pad and soon they would be moving in together. As per report, Anushka Sharma is living with her parents and the Virat finds awkward to drop to his ladylove’s place in his free time. So they have decided to rent a pad so that the cricketer can freely spend time with each other when Virat is in Mumbai.

Engagement and marriage is on the cards but is not happening anytime soon. Anushka is in the peak of her career and she does not want to risk her career but marrying Virat so early and Kohli too wants to concentrate of his cricketing career.

When asked about Virat, Anushka said, “Nobody is hiding anything. We are living our life very normally. It’s just that we don’t want to talk about our relationship. We can’t subject it to entertainment news. We will not hide if you guys see us together, but we will not talk about it,” Anushka told reporters in a group interview.

It was not too late when Kohli accepts dating Anushka, while interacting to the media persons, Kohli had said, “If you are seen together somewhere and still people ask 'is it confirmed?', then it is a matter of common sense. If you know then why ask the same question, that is our basic logic behind it."

He went on saying, "It is not something wrong apparently for people that we are doing. We will not personally like to speak about it because it is something very personal for us and that should be respected by the media and everyone else as well."

The doubtful relationship of the couple confirmed when Kohli blew a kiss to his ladylove when the latter cheered for team India during the match in the stands. Before that Anushka and Virat were spotted cheering for Virat’s soccer team Goa FC and post the match the couple was again seen going out with him for dinner with his brother and friends.