Virat, Anushka test negative for Covid-19 ahead of child’s birth

Cricketer Virat Kohli and his pregnant wife Anushka Sharma got tested before the birth of their first child and the good news is that the parents-to-be have been tested negative for Covid-19.

Sharing a lovey-dovey picture with his actress wife, Virat wrote, "Friends who test negative together spend positive time together! (emoticon: smiling face) Nothing like a get together with friends in a safe environment. May this year bring a lot of hope, joy, happiness and good health. Stay safe! #HappyNewYear2021," tweeted Kohli.

Kohli returned home to Mumbai from Australia on paternity leave to be with his wife for the child’s birth.

Anushka adorned the cover page of the popular magazine, ‘Vogue’. Talking to Vogue magazine, Anushka revealed how she and Virat has been able to keep her pregnancy a secret. “The pandemic has been a weird blessing in a way. Virat was around and I could keep it a secret. We only left to go to the doctor’s clinic. No one was on the streets so we couldn’t be spotted,” she said.

Anushka added that she suddenly felt unwell and nauseous during the initial days of her pregnancy while she was in the middle of ‘Bulbbul’ promotions during a Zoom call, “I quickly turned off my video and messaged my brother (Karnesh Sharma, co-producer), who was also on the call, to stall them for ten minutes. If I had been on set or in a studio, everyone would have known,” she said.

Anushka is busy decorating the nursery for her baby. “I don’t believe that boys have to wear blue and girls pink. The nursery has all colours,” she says. The nursery is themed around animals. “Both Virat and I love animals and we want our baby to have that bond too. They are a big part of our lives and we really believe they can teach kindness and compassion to children,” she said.

Speaking about how she will bring up her child, the mommy-to-be said, “There are so many similarities in the way we are as people and the way we approach life. So I do think that will work for us. I’ve been thinking about it before I even became a parent. Conditioning is the most important role in how we see the world. I come from a progressive background, so that will always be a part of our home. Love is the underlying factor in our home, and what’s important to us is that our child be respectful of people. You have to create that value structure. We don’t want to raise brats,” she said.

Anushka is due in January and she is hoping to return to work in May.