Viral Video: Nick Jonas saves wife Priyanka Chopra from falling

Nick Jonas is a protective husband. A video went viral in which he is seen supporting his wife after she loses her balance and about to fall off the stairs. Nick, who was walking along with her holds her hand and saved her from falling. PeeCee is unfazed and she bursts into laughter.

After a year of courtship, Priyanka and Nick got married in a lavish ceremony in Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace. They were married according to both Christian and Hindu wedding on Dec 1 and Dec 2nd. The couple hosted a grand wedding reception in Delhi at Taj Ends which was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other dignitaries. Later, they hosted two wedding receptions in Mumbai. 

Recently, a news of their divorce circulated on media after OK magazine published it. It is reported that the couple often fights and things are not going well between them. Even Nick’s parents is frustrated with their constant fights and they wanted them to go separate paths.

According to a quote in this magazine, “Priyanka and Nick have been fighting about everything be it work, partying, spending time together. The bottom line is that Nick and Priyanka rushed into things and now they’re paying the price. Their marriage is hanging by a thread. Nick has seen a controlling side to Priyanka which he clearly wasn’t aware of before tying the knot. Another thing of Priyanka which irks Nick is her temper issues.”

The source has further stated that both Priyanka and Nick are now realizing that they indeed jumped to the wedding without even knowing each other completely. “There are whispers that Nick and Priyanka got married so quickly they didn’t take the time to draw up a prenup. No one would put it past her to make things difficult for Nick should they divorce,” added the source.

However, PeeCee’s representative totally denied the report and it is reported that the couple is set to sue the magazine for spreading false report.