Viral video: Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Bani, Sapna Bhavani lock lips

Former Bigg Boss contestants Bani Judge and Sapna Bhavnani recently came together at a music festival in Mumbai, and have set the internet in a frenzy with their bold act. The two outspoken ladies shot a boomerang video of them locking lips, which has gone viral.

Well, Bani and Sapna are not actually locking lips, but merely pretending to kiss each other against the scenic backdrop of the sea and setting sun. They are sporting hot pants and sporting a pink coloured band each on their wrist. Sapna posted the boomerang video on Instagram with the caption, “You are my sunshine @banij.”

Both of them also shared more pictures and videos while chilling out at the concert. In one of the videos, Sapna is showing her middle finger to the camera while Bani is pouting and in another they are using cuss words. Probably, they are trying to give out some message to the world or might be just for fun.

Sapna is openly a bisexual. The celebrity hairstylist participated in ‘Bigg Boss 6’. Bani, on the other hand, started her career by participating in ‘MTV Roadies 4’ and went on to host subsequent seasons of the adventure reality show. Her popularity grew manifold with her participation in the latest season of Bigg Boss. She is alleged to be in a relationship with actor Yuvraj Thakur.

Bani and Sapna are good friends and share a common fondness for body art.