Viral Video: 'Aye Bhai Log', Taimur Ali Khan tells paparazzi

Recently, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi stepped with her mother Kareena Kapoor Khan and grandmother Babita and he amazed all when after seeing the paparazzi tells"aye bhai log". The video of the little munchkin calling the paparazzi ‘Bhai Log’ is hugely liked and has gone viral.

Taimur is media’s favourite child and when Kareena was asked about her son’s equation with paparazzi, she replied that Taimur thinks paparazzi is his friends but the little munchkin doesn't let his family members click his photos.

"He thinks the paps are his friends. But when I want to take his photo, he says, 'Amma, no pictures," the actress said.

During an interview with Anupama Chopra, Saif had said, "Taimur is very happy, he is the least interested... No pictures please, he started saying it as well. He doesn't like being photographed."

The doting parents Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan did not like paps to click Taimur. They wanted him to have a normal upbringing.

She further added, “I would like him to do something with his life and then I would like people to appreciate him. He is still very small and he should actually be given a chance rather than having so much of this kind of pressure that is already on him. It is so scary,” she said. 

Constant media attention on Taimur makes Kareena paranoid at times. Bebo said, “Of course, as a mother I am paranoid. Every mother is paranoid about their child. But the more I think about it or think about putting a kala theeka or not send him out of the house, I think that is being over paranoid, so I am just trying to let him have a normal life.”

At the same event, the proud mom Kareena Kapoor Khan also said that love to see Taimur as a cricketer when he grows up. She said, “I wouldn’t want to choose, I hope he chooses,” she further added, “Well, I would want Taimur to be a cricketer.”