Vir Das steps out of comfort zone for ‘Revolver Rani’

Vir Das, who is more popular as a standup comedian than an actor, steps out of his comfort zone in ‘Revolver Rani’ and portrays a character that will surprise viewers. The mean streak of his character in the movie is rather unsettling.

A source close to the team was quoted as saying, “Vir Das has done a completely different role this time. He is playing the role of Kangana’s toy boy, who does some desperate things to woo her for his ulterior motive.”

“He has played a very different character and we are sure that people would be surprised to see him in such a role as he always does comedy,” the source added.

Revolver Rani’ is a dark comedy written and directed by Sai Kabir. The film is presented by Wave Cinemas starring Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in the leading roles and also has Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain and Pankaj Saraswat in supporting roles. The movie is an unusual love story set against the backdrop of politics. It tells the story of Alka Singh played by Kangana Ranaut, the leader of a political party, and her obsessive love for Rohan Mehra played by Vir Das, a rising Bollywood star.

While talking about taking up such a role Vir reportedly said, “I found the character very interesting. When Sai Kabir called me up for the role, I thought he had the wrong person. I read the script and asked him if he was sure he wants me to do this. I am usually funny and nice. But Rohan is a horrible person, I didn’t like his character at all. He is someone you’ll feel offended by. Piyush was playing what he was good at, Kangana will play what she is good at and I had to play what no one thinks I am good at playing. This was the biggest challenge for me.”

Starting a career as a stand-up comedian, Vir had to undergo the process of unlearning his style of acting for this revenge drama.

Reportedly he said, “When you are doing a lot of stage shows you are not inhibited and your body and voice are very free, you need to undo many such things. But I didn’t have to unlearn much because I had a theatre background. It helped me understand the character well.”

The movie slated for release on April 25.