Celebrities who were physically and verbally abused

The vast part of Indian population is no stranger to violence. Indian women are sadly familiar with domestic violence and several reasons have been cited for this including poor economic condition, lack of literacy etc. But, the violence against women is not restricted to the lower strata of society. The most beautiful and wealthy women of the country are also not exempt from it. Several Bollywood celebrities have suffered abuse, both physical and mental from their partner – the latest being the suicide of Jiah Khan.

Actress Jiah Khan who made her debut against Amitabh Bachchan, hanged herself at her house in Juhu on Monday when her mother and sister had gone out. Soon, her mother Rabiya discovered a six page letter among her effects where she has described the physical and mental torture that she had to suffer at the hands of her partner, 21 year old Suraj Pancholi, the son of actor Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab. She wrote that he tortured her, raped her, forced her to get an abortion and was continuously unfaithful.

Jiah is not the only one. Television actress Shweta Tiwari had endured an abusive marriage that lasted for fourteen long years before she finally got a divorce. During this time, her husband came home drunk and beat her often. She had complained against him repeatedly at the police station about his physical and verbal abuse. Finally, she filed for divorce and accused him of domestic abuse in court.

Even the most beautiful woman of the world, Aishwariya Rai could not escape abuse at the hands of her then partner Salman Khan. During their relationship, the industry was abuzz with their problems which included Salman’s alcoholism, abuse and infidelity. It was reported that Salman once appeared at a shooting set where he hit Aishwariya. Her mother had already complained to the police abouthis threats and attempts to enter her house.

Going back in years, Zeenat Aman – one of the sexiest leading ladies was subject to domestic abuse. She was regularly physically abused by husband Sanjay Khan who once beat her up badly enough to leave a scar under her eye.

Dimpy Mahajan married Rahul Mahajan in a much publicized swayamvar, but she soon founf out how abusive he was. She said that not only did he hit her but also used his gun to threaten her.

Television actress Richa Gurjari faced abuse and torture at the hands of her husband and in laws. She even had to go without meals. She was badly beaten several times.

Former Miss World, Yukta Mukhi also filed complaints against her husband saying that she has been abused and beaten repeatedly by him.
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