Vindoo Dara Singh spotted with Dhoni's wife Sakshi

At the Mumbai Indians v/s Chennai Super Kings match, all eyes were on Vindoo Dara Singh and Mrs. Sakshi Dhoni. It came as quite a surprise to see the two of them seated together throughout the match. The cameras kept flashing on Sakshi and Vindoo Dara Singh throughout the match, almost wanting to show them off.

The association between Mrs. Dhoni and Vindoo Dara Singh is not known to many people. Therefore, it was quite a surprise to see the two of them getting so comfortable with each other. When asked about it, Vindoo Dara Singh was heard saying, “I must have received thousands of calls that night. I really didn’t think that sitting next to Sakshi would get me so much attention. I don’t know why the camera was focusing on me so much!”

Apparently, Vindoo Dara Singh was at the match on the invitation of the Chennai Super Kings owner, Gurunath Meyyappan. He also added that once he reached the stadium, Sakshi asked him to sit near her, so he went forward as they are known to each other. In fact, they got acquainted to each other during the last Indian Premiere League, and after that, it was now that they got a chance to meet again.

Vindoo Dara Singh went on to add, “Dhoni is an extremely humble guy and Sakshi is a really sweet person. She remembered that we had met during the IPL last year. We were cheering for Chennai even thought it was just not their day. They lost the match to Mumbai Indians thanks to Kieron Pollard. I think he was made to hit not sixes but 12s.”

Vindoo Dara Singh was actually present there at the match as he was headed to Tirupata Balaji. Vindoo Dara Singh also added that the main reason for his presence was he needed to visit Tirupati.

Ever since their marriage, Sakshi has been by the side of MS Dhoni for all his matches. Her presence at all the matches played by him is a must. She cheers on to him throughout the match. She is considered to be the lucky charm on field for MS Dhoni.

At the sixth edition of the Indian Premiere League, in this particular match of Chennai Super Kings v/s Mumbai Indians, Dhoni’s team was thrashed by the Mumbai Indians. Kieron Pollard took his team to a superb victory with all the big shots that he played.