Vikramaditya Motwane to direct Stan Lee’s Indian superhero film ‘Chakra’

Stan Lee, the creator of iconic superheroes like Spider Man, Iron Man, X-Men, Hulk among others, has collaborated with filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane for a Bollywood adaptation of his Indian superhero Chakra the Invincible.  

Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Sharad Devarajan, co-founder and CEO of character entertainment company Graphic India, along with Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Film have teamed up for the pre-production on the live-action theatrical film.

A self-proclaimed fan of Bollywood films, Stan Lee is excited about the project. The Chief Creative Officer at POW! Entertainment said in a statement, “Vikramaditya is an amazingly talented filmmaker who I have no doubt can make the Chakra film a massive hit in India and around the world. I only hope he remembers to include my cameo!"

“It's an honour and an absolute delight to be making a film based on a Stan Lee character,” said Motwane of ‘Udaan’ fame, adding, “And no, we won't forget Stan's cameo ... ”

According to reports, the movie is set in Mumbai and will see an older version of Chakra, who is in his early twenties. The film will embrace Indian flavours as far as possible.

Chakra was originally developed as a superhero by POW! Entertainment with Graphic India. The comic revolved around an Indian teenager, Raju Rai, a technology genius living in Mumbai. Determined to use science to unlock the secrets of human potential, Raju develops a technically enhanced suit that activates the mystical chakras of the body, unleashing newfound abilities and powers.

It was launched as a comic book, ‘Chakra the Invincible’ in 2011 and as animated film on Cartoon Network India in late 2013. Three new animated TV movies are currently in production and set for release on Cartoon Network and Toonami later this year.