Vikram Chatterjee broke down completely at Sonika's grave

On Sunday, Vikram Chatterjee visited good friend Sonika Cahuhan’s grave and he completely broke down at Sonika’s grave.

Vikram's childhood friends, Pritam Roy and Richi Richardson, had accompanied him there.

"Sonika was a very good human being and her death is a big loss for all of us. We went to the cemetery after 4pm. We had a talk with one of the burial ground executives. Vikram had taken lilies and white roses. He broke down completely at Sonika's grave," Roy said.

Their preliminary plan was to go to Sonika's house from the cemetery. "But by then, the media trial had started in full swing. People made all sorts of allegations without knowing the truth," Roy said.

The trio then changed their plans and headed back to Vikram’s Swinhoe Lane residence.

Pritam is upset that some are taking advantage of Vikram's silence. "People are not respecting their true relationship. No one is understanding the loss Vikram has suffered. Vikram and Sonika had been dating from November-end. Vikram has brought Sonika over to my house too. Sonika was known to my wife and other friends. We have seen how both of them cared for each other. Instead of understanding his loss, people are crucifying him. This is gross injustice. I can vouch for the fact that Vikram would never do anything irresponsible which would cause any harm to Sonika," he said.

"There are several evidences showing that they had gone on a holiday early this year. Close friends were privy to it."

Vikarm Chatterjee is being interrogated by police and during interrogation, he admitted that he was driving in drunk condition.

“I had little rum and coke mixed at Phoenix in Astor Hotel. The video of me with a glass in hand is of underground night club in that hotel. The glass has cola in it. I have been in a relationship with Sonika for more than four months. I was not intoxicated at the time of accident,” he told the police.

Meanwhile, the case has taken a political turn. Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress government backed Vkram Chatterjee. The BJP however questioned why Chatterjee was booked with such charges which would easily allow him to walk away with a easy bail.

On Monday evening, friends and family of Sonika Chauhan hits the streets of Kolkata with candles in their hands demanding justice for her, several BJP leaders also joined them.

On April 29, model-anchor Sonika Chauhan killed in a car crash, her friend and actor Vikram Chatterjee was behind wheels of the car. He is currently out on a bail.